Carboneum Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Goes Live


The Carboneum crowdsale is officially live and the Carboneum token (C8) is now available for purchase.

The funds generated by the ICO will be used to construct a protocol for a democratized social trading platform called CoinRadars. This will enable would-be cryptocurrency investors to follow the lead of experienced, successful investors in order to generate a profit for themselves.

The system will run on Carboneum tokens (C8) – 120,000,000 of which will be available for purchase during the ICO which will run until the 8th July, or until the $12M hard cap is hit. ETH or ICX is the required currencies needed to purchase C8, 1C8 = 0.1USD. Those with C8 will gain access to premium features within the platform, as well as benefiting from discounted costs, it is even usable on the companies sister service Stockradars.

Max Kortrakul is the Founder and CEO of Carboneum, he says: “We’re extremely pleased to be able to launch our ICO. The prospect of trading in cryptocurrency leaves a lot of people scratching their heads due to the sheer volume of information and know-how that is required to do it successfully. We want to simplify this process and encourage people to make use of the existing expertise that is out there for their own benefit. In this way, profit can be generated for both the new-comers and those that are lending their experience out.”

Previously, the team behind Carboneum built Stockradars, Thailand’s leading online stock trading and analytical platform. Stockradars has over 680,000 app downloads, multiple local and regional brockerage partners and 76 version updates since launch.