The UK will succeed economically after Brexit – there is a future outside the EU


“Today the EU Parliament ratified the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement. It is an historic day”, says Gunnar Beck, Member of the EU Parliament and Brexit spokesman for the Identity & Democracy Group, “because this is the first time a country is leaving the EU. Undeterred by numerous prophets of doom, the majority of the British people voted to leave the EU to assume greater responsibility for their own decisions and secure a prosperous future.

From a German perspective, Britain’s departure is both sad and good news. Britain is one of Germany largest trading partners, and Germany’s besieged automobile industry will come under further pressure. However, Brexit is also a great chance for all Europeans. The UK will succeed economically, and this will send a signal to others that the EU is stifling rather than promoting growth and success. It will be a wholesome lessons, especially for my German compatriots who have been taught, wrongly, that there is no future outside the EU.”