OPEC Affirms Production Ceiling of 30mbd


The OPEC cartel maintained the status quo as widely expected Long natural gas ETPs see highest inflows since December 2014. Bargain hunters drove US$19.2mn into long natural gas ETPs as the price of US natural gas fell a further 3% last week (-7% in the past month). Gas in storage… Read More »

Psicologia e modelli di prezzo


Una spiegazione scientifica sulle ragioni che spiegano il funzionamento dei modelli di prezzo presenti sui grafici. Una persona che nel diciottesimo secolo si fosse trovata a passeggiare in Giappone per le strade di Osaka, di Sakata, o nei loro dintorni, avrebbe notato sui tetti di alcune case la presenza di… Read More »

Copper: explaining the TC/RC slide

Tom Price, Joel Cran -

Copper miners’ concentrate processing costs are down 20% year-todate, because of disruptions at key operations. This, in turn, will weigh on smelter revenues, pare smelter output and constrain metal supply – delivering a small boost for the copper price. Copper’s spot treatment and refining charges (TC/RCs) – a fee that… Read More »

Bullish Japanese equities, bearish yen

WisdomTree Europe -

Japan’s corporate re-leveraging since 2012 appears to be on a sustained footing Having accelerating to 2% of GDP, the rise in corporate borrowing is a marked reversal from companies’ relentless focus on paying down debt in the years prior.The increased borrowing needs of companies is an emerging force in Japan’s… Read More »


Morgan Stanley Research - Global Currency Research Team -

The USD has turned around, completing its downward correction within a secular bull trend ECB keeps transmission channels open. Risk appetite remains the key variable for judging the EUR. The EUR’s funding status suggests repatriation related inflows will occur when investors reduce risk exposure, while rallying equity markets would push… Read More »

Commodity rebound gains momentum


Despite a lacklustre performance in Q1 of this year, it increasingly looks like commodities are at a turning point, with most sectors posting gains last month There are a number of reasons to be optimistic about the outlook for commodities in 2015 and heading into 2016. A prolonged period of… Read More »

A Contrarian View on the Dollar

Michael Arone -

The parabolic rally in the US dollar that kicked off last summer has been arguably the most important trend for investors over the past year. In currency markets, there seems to be a nearly insatiable demand for US dollars In currency markets, there seems to be a nearly insatiable demand… Read More »

No Rush for Carry

Global Currency Research Team -

The long USD trade requires a pickup in US data. Until this happens, USD is vulnerable to further downward correction USD Requires a Stronger US. It’s a simple point, but an important one. With deflationary risks subsiding outside the US and less aggressive easing globally, a USD revival needs a… Read More »

Onde e orizzonti temporali


Suggerimenti per leggere i grafici di prezzo, integrandoli con i corretti orizzonti temporali In un precedente articolo abbiamo parlato di come Ed Seykota, noto trader americano, sottolineò nel corso di uno dei seminari organizzati dallo psicologo per trader Van Tharp, che per imparare il giusto modo di operare in borsa… Read More »