Bonds: a new bear market?


Recent bond market performance has caused some commentators to call the start of a bear market, but when there are significant market corrections, it is important that investors remind themselves of where markets were before the weakness and why. There are a number of reasons that bonds have become so… Read More »

The bond market is looking through present inflation numbers


CPI in the UK felt into negative territory for the first time, posting a 0.1% decline year-over-year Airfares presented a meaningful drag on the April figures, owing to the timing of Easter compared to last year. Carriers increase their prices over Easter holidays, so when Easter moves between months this… Read More »

Investor hedging favours gold


Although Greece managed to scrape together its €750mn payment to the IMF, the fact it had to do so bytapping into its own IMF reserves account was a cause for concern Gold ETPs see three consecutive weeks of inflows. The recent rally in gold prices and rising market anxiety about… Read More »

ETPs, the biggest users are Swiss professional investors

LMF International -

According to a research of Source, in Switzerland, 87% of professional investors and advisers currently use Etps. Caleffi: “European market for ETPs still has significant room for growth” The biggest users of ETPs are professional investors and advisers based in Switzerland. This news is resulted in a research of Source,… Read More »

Below Zero


10 effects of negative real interest rates on equities 1. The valuation of equitiesHow do you value a stream of cash flows when the risk free rate is zero? The longer yields are close to zero (negative in real terms), the greater the chances of further multiple expansion. 2. The… Read More »

Banca Zarattini e CFO Sim, insieme in Timeo Neutral Sicav


Tra fine giugno e inizio luglio verranno lanciati due nuovi comparti azionari long short: Europa 38 e America 38. La partnership è il primo step di un piano più ampio Banca Zarattini e CFO Sim (Corporate Family Office Sim) si uniscono e lanciano Timeo Neutral Sicav. Attualmente il nuovo fondo… Read More »

Corporate bonds, here the sectors to watch


In the bond market, with negative interest rate from government bonds investments, one way to increase credit risk is to switch into corporate bonds or high yield bonds. Which are the sectors to keep monitored? In the bond market, with government bonds that are showing a negative rate, one way… Read More »

Fondi Pharus, presto a Piazza Affari


Presto in arrivo a Piazza Affari i fondi Pharus. La sicav lussemburghese del gruppo Pharus Management (fiduciaria svizzera basata a Mendrisio, nel Ticino) ha infatti già avviato l’iter per la quotazione di 11 dei suoi comparti, che rispondono alle diverse esigenze di rischio – rendimento dei risparmiatori. “Da molti mesi,… Read More »